PR & Media Relations

Proactive media placement & reputation management campaigns.

PR: Earned Media Marketing

The Creative Chili Media Influence team specializes in securing valuable media coverage for businesses ranging from startups and publicly traded companies to blockchain and companies and individuals who want to launch NFTs, biotech firms, and the psychedelic and cannabis industry.

Our PR & Media Management Services.
Media and reputation management.

Talk is cheap...

...communications is priceless

We believe earned media is crucial to your reputation and it’s the center of every client program. We are dedicated to pitching stories and establishing relationships with journalists who cover our clients’ business interests. As a result, we have garnered billions of media impressions and thousands of media placements for our clients which have helped increase sales, drive influence, create investor and stakeholder value and build invaluable brand awareness.

How and what we do

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We do this by connecting our clients to the right journalists, editors, and producers and pitch reporters the ‘people side’ of the story rather than the ‘company’ story. Those are the types of stories news editors and news directors approve – stories that affect people.

The difference between us and other PR firms is simple, we deliver better and stronger results.

Our PR services include:

  • Media Relations
  • Crisis & Issues Communications
  • Digital/Social Media Support
  • Personal Branding
  • Thought Leadership
  • CEO Messaging
  • Reputation & Brand Management
  • Media & Interview Training
  • Editorial Content Development
  • Brand Positioning
  • Media Monitoring & Reporting

Our Clients

Richco Harley-Davidson
TATA Steel
Charoen Motors Mercedes-Benz
Hard Rock Cafe Chiang Mai
David’s Kitchen

Interested in working with us?

Let’s connect and get creative together!

Interested in working with us?

Let’s connect and get creative together!

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